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Coming from long years of Experience, and several months of perfecting, the racing-fuel benefits from a process of industrial manufacture and latest technologies in the matter of synthetic lubricating.


Based on a mixed classical formula oil of ricin/lubricating one of synthesis, the Racing Fuel pulls the quintessence of the new synthesized oils. The entirety of the first matter is the objective to achieve severe control in following the industrial process.

The Racing Fuel benefits from clear tracking, In accordance to constant checks of every step of the manufacture, and of a logistical proven one.In order to guarantee a consistency and an irreproachable quality, the entirety of the first matter originate of the WORLD and of Europe.

Racing Fuel Sport The range sport is conceived for the majority of the drivers that wish to benefit from a reliable fuel, assuring an easy carburation and a high level of reliability.  Based on components of very high assembled qualities in following Europe a notebook of the strict and severe loads, the fuel Sport puts within reach of all a fuel that benefits from years of Experience of the high competition.

Racing Fuel Track 16% and 25% The range Racing Fuel Track is based on a formula majority using oil of ricin, the only oil offering a sufficient lubrication to high temperature and to high system while avoiding the rupture of the film of oil. This is associated with a package stabilizing his oxidation.

Racing Fuel HOT FIRE The range Buggy resumes the label "Hot Fire" high synonymous with performance in all land.  These fuels rich in nitro methane use a cocktail of 3 oils of which two synthetic ones that assure a big stability to the fuel in the difficult conditions. The Racing Fuel Hot fire EURO comply with the the off road rules running in some coutry in Europe where 25% is the maximum nitro allowed.

The new lubricant package and the lower nitro rate drives the price cooler and gives a smoother acceleration which was a request from our customers.Smoother acceleration increases drivability and reduces tyres spining which inproves the fuel mileage (mpg)

Racing Fuel Airplane 10% The fuel profits from the components of very high quality to assure to the airplane pilots of functioning without concerns and being easy to start.  It assures a very high longevity and net and frank returns.

Break in Racing Fuel For each of these motors, Racing Experience developed a specially formulated fuel for the breaking in.  The fuels of modern competitions are not very effective to the lowest temperatures and it is frequent to see damaged motors by default of low temperature lubrication.  The exclusive formula of the break in fuel allows you to obtain an easy break in, without being constrained, while assuring perfect set up of the movable pieces.   



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